Why Manifold

Imagine your best weeks as an engineer — flow, breakthroughs, inventions. What if every week could be like that?


Engineers doing their most creative work without the frictions of beauracratic decision-making and inefficient meetings.


Growing professionally and personally by working with other exceptional engineers in tackling challenging problems.


Making the kind of impact on other organizations and people that make every day fulfilling.


Optimistic, curious, humble, generous, transparent, and in control of our own destiny. That's Manifold.

What We Offer

Imagine your dream job offer. It probably looks a lot like this:

Top Quartile Salaries

We benchmark our compensation framework to market every year using the same data that large companies use. We make sure we’re paying in the top 25% for every role. We do this on an ongoing basis, so there's no burden to negotiate.

40-hour Work Week

We believe that doing creative, deep work requires working smarter not harder, both as individuals and as a team. By removing extraneous meetings and interruptions, we're able to keep to 40 hours a week, with only the occasional push requiring more.

Health Insurance

Manifold offers a platinum-tier medical, dental, and vision policy for you and your family. Manifold pays 80% and you pay 20%.

Vacations and Leave

Manifold offers 5 weeks of paid time-off every year, including vacation, personal, and sick days. We know that we do our best deep work when we're healthy and recharged.

401k Retirement Plan

Manifold automatically contributes 3% of your salary to your retirement plan. You can contribute in addition to that.

No Office Traps

We don't offer gimmicks that keep you away from your family and friends longer, like foosball tables, catered meals, and happy hours. We all want to do great work and then go enjoy life so we can come back and do it again.

Work How You Like

We give you a stipend to buy the hardware and software that you need to work most effectively. We are a Mac shop.

Current Openings

We're looking for exceptional senior engineers, senior staff engineers, and principal engineers with experience architecting, building, and deploying production machine learning systems and data platforms.