Manifold's team is experienced in conceiving of and deploying production machine learning systems and data platforms at places like Google, Facebook, Qualcomm, MIT, and successful venture-backed startups.

The Scientific Advisory Board includes leading researchers in deep learning and the Advisory Board includes experienced data officers from Fortune 500 companies.


Sourav Dey

Managing Director, Machine Learning

  • Staff Engineer, Google (Nest thermostat, camera)
  • Principal Data Scientist, AutoGrid (power grid big data analytics)
  • Principal Engineer, Ingenu (IoT Platform)
  • Senior Engineer, Qualcomm (wireless chips)
  • Multiple patents (intrusion detection, user similarity, wireless)
  • PhD, MS, BS in EECS - MIT

Vinay Seth Mohta

Managing Director, Data Platforms

  • CTO, CISO, Co-Founder, Kyruus (healthcare data platform)
  • Product Manager, Kayak (travel marketplace, acquired by Priceline)
  • CTO, Global Health Delivery (public health knowledge platform & community)
  • Architect & Product Manager, Endeca Technologies (web commerce data management & search platform, acquired by Oracle)
  • Developer, The MathWorks (mathematical computing software)
  • Multiple patents (text search, faceted navigation)
  • MEng, BS in EECS - MIT

Vivek Mohta

Managing Director, Client Solutions

  • Co-Founder & CEO, Altitude (Expert+AI curated knowledge base)
  • VP, Industry Solutions, AEE (cleantech industry consortium)
  • Division Director, State of Massachusetts (cleantech investment fund)
  • Research Manager, IDA (Federal R&D strategy)
  • Multiple publications and awards
  • Harvard - PhD Math; MIT - BS Math, BS Physics


Demba Ba

Harvard University

  • Assistant Professor, Harvard University (computational neuroscience, signal processing, network science)
  • Multiple publications

Surya Ganguli

Stanford University

  • Assistant Professor, Stanford University (deep learning, neuroscience, statistical physics)
  • Visiting Scientist, Google Brain Deep Learning Research Group
  • Multiple highly cited publications and multiple awards
  • PhD String Theory - UC Berkeley; BS Math, BS Physics, BS EECS - MIT

Ankit Patel

Rice University

  • Assistant Professor, Rice University (deep learning, computational neuroscience)
  • Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Multiple publications
  • PhD Applied Math, MS, BA CS - Harvard


Zoher Karu


  • Managing Director, Head of Data and Analytics, APAC & EMEA, Citi
  • Chief Data Officer, eBay
  • VP, Marketing Analytics, Sears
  • VP, Analytics, Mattersight (customer language analytics)
  • Director, Strategy, Zyman Group
  • Director, Product, Brickstream (retail video analytics)
  • Engagement Manager, McKinsey
  • PhD EECS - MIT; BS EE - Carnegie Mellon


Vijay Bhat

Staff Data Infrastructure Engineer

  • Consulting Engineer, Capital One
  • Consulting Engineer, Facebook
  • Senior Data Scientist, Autogrid Systems (power grid big data analytics)
  • Technology Analyst, Broadridge (global fintech)
  • Senior Software Engineer, Palm
  • Contributor to Apache Airflow
  • MS Management Science & Engineering - Stanford; BS CS - Princeton University.

Rajendra Koppula

Staff Machine Learning Engineer

  • Recent projects spanning IoT, predictive analytics, deep learning applications
  • Staff Engineer, 3G/4G Cellular Group, Qualcomm (wireless & statistical signal processing)
  • MS Stats, MS EE - Northern Illinois University; BS EECS - Osmania University

Alexander Ng

Senior Data Engineer

  • Recent projects at the intersection of systems and machine learning
  • DevOps Tech Lead, Kyruus (health data platform)
  • Software Systems Engineer, MITRE
  • Software Systems Engineer, Navy
  • BS EE - Boston University

Todd Parker

Senior Program Manager

  • Expertise in lifecycle program management for high-tech involving many stakeholders
  • IoT platforms (Ingenu)
  • Wireless devices (Staccato, Cyngus Communications, Texas Instruments, IBM, TRW)
  • Biomedical devices (Hospira)
  • MS, EE - USC; BS, EE - Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Goutam Reddy

Staff Machine Learning Engineer

  • Recent projects spanning IoT, predictive analytics
  • Co-Founder & CTO, my-uBox (medical adherence platform)
  • Director, Mobile Technology, HTC Global Services (product development services)
  • Senior Engineer, Eidosmed (surgical device)
  • Senior Engineer, Advanced Development Group, Chamberlain (home IoT devices)
  • Research Engineer, Bio-mechatronics Group, MIT Media Lab (intelligent prosthetics)
  • Multiple device patents & publications
  • Winner Yunus Challenge to Alleviate Poverty; Fellow HealthBox; covered by CNN, Chicago Sun Times, MedGadget
  • MEng, BS EECS, BS Math - MIT

Aalok Shah

Senior Product Management Consultant

  • Expertise in data products involving lots of data and complex processes
  • Director Product, Immigration Transformation, US Digital Service
  • Senior Product Manager, Oracle
  • Senior Application Engineer, Oracle
  • MEng, BS EECS - MIT


Farooq Anjum


  • Founder & CEO, GroGuru (precision agriculture)
  • Senior Director, Engineering - On Ramp Wireless (M2M devices)
  • Staff Systems Engineer & Manager, Qualcomm
  • Senior Scientist, Telcordia Technologies (wireless networks)
  • Research Scientist, Bellcore
  • Systems Engineer, UPM
  • Multiple patents, numerous publications, two books
  • PhD EECS - UMD

Vijay Divi


  • Co-Founder & Head of Quantitative Research, Snow Ventures (data-driven hedge fund)
  • Founder, VD3 Analytics (data-driven investing & advisory)
  • Senior Associate, Bridgewater Associates
  • Analyst, Citigroup (bond hedging strategies)
  • Multiple publications
  • Postdoc, PhD, MEng, BS EECS - MIT

Wassaf Farooqi


  • VP Engineering, Kyruus (health data platform)
  • Software Engineer, Hubspot (marketing software platform)
  • Software Engineer, EMC (resource management software platform)
  • BS Computer Engineering - Northeastern University

Deep Ganguli


  • Scientist, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (biomedical applications of deep learning)
  • Senior Data Scientist, StitchFix (retail & apparel)
  • Distributed Systems Engineer, MetaMarkets
  • Multiple publications
  • PhD, Computational Neuroscience - NYU; BS EECS - UC Berkeley

Deepak Khosla


  • Quantitative trading advisor to hedge funds
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst, D. E. Shaw Group
  • Postdoc, Math - UT Austin; PhD, Math - Harvard; BS, Math - University of Ottawa

Matyas Tamas


  • Head of Supply Data Science, Uber
  • Founder of Data Science team, Quora
  • BS, Physics - Caltech