What We Do

AI Expertise

We create AI solutions with our clients. We apply our deep expertise in machine learning and modern data infrastructure to solve high-impact business challenges.

Machine Learning

State-of-the-art approach to machine learning, including ensemble methods, neural network architecture, and reinforcement learning.

Data Infrastructure

Managing data at increasing scale for data intensive applications with unique expertise in data architecture, a rapidly evolving commercial and open source vendor landscape, and agile data engineering practice.

Engagement Model

Our work with clients takes two forms: Advise and Build.


We advise on AI solution strategy, data platform architecture, modeling strategy & training data, buy-vs-build choices, and more. We systematically turn broad AI & data aspirations into prioritized solutions worth building and efficient roadmaps to building them.


We build proof-of-concept, prototype, or production AI solutions. Over a series of 2-week sprints of an agile engineering team, we rapidly turn strategy and architecture into software--to validate technical feasibility; to demonstrate a product experience; or to realize full scale deployment.


We accelerate time-to-value through a systematic process of discovery, design, development, and delivery, reflecting decades of collective experience.


Working through the right questions with the right stakeholders to deeply understand the business drivers, data assets, and product aspirations.


Designing a product strategy, architecture, and roadmap using 4 distinct perspectives and areas of expertise— business value, product design, systems engineering, and data science


Rapid development using 2-week sprint cycles, optimal platform choices, micro-services and container architecture, CI/CD, and TDD.


Delivering reliable, scalable, and maintainable data-intensive applications, that tolerate hardware faults and human error, perform well at significant loads, and are easy to operate, understand, and extend.


We're a unique partner for creating AI solutions to high-impact business challenges.

Exceptional people

Manifold's exceptional engineers have been at leading tech companies. A “two-pizza” Manifold team can accomplish in a few months what another firm may need lots of people over several quarters for.

Software not reports

Manifold is an AI studio that delivers working software, data infrastructure, and machine learning models. We have the expertise required to build robust pipelines for terabyte and petabyte scale data and models that continuously retrain in production.

Not selling widgets or bodies

Manifold is a boutique services firm that focuses on our client's time to value goals. We're able to be objective about the vendor landscape and the many build-versus-buy judgments to be made in bringing a complex product to market.


We believe that the most powerful testament to our work with our clients is the value that they see and the quality of their experience working with us.