What We Do


New product development for leading Fortune 1000 and high-growth companies 


The Manifold team accelerated our progress on the predictive features in our digital therapeutic product. We're able to make recommendations to providers at the point of care leveraging all the data we've amassed.

– Chief Medical Officer, Digital Therapeutics Company

The predictive solution that the Manifold team created for us has significantly impacted our business. We are able to make quick and aggressive advertising decisions with confidence and have a focus on quality instead of just quantity. Their team was a pleasure to work with.

– CEO & Founder, e-Commerce Company

EXPERTISE - New Product Development

We accelerate new product development through a structured process of discovery, design, development, and delivery, reflecting decades of collective experience. We meet our clients where they are in their journey.


Business and data understanding

Working through the right questions with the right stakeholders to deeply understand the business drivers, data assets, and product aspirations.


Product strategy and architecture

Designing a product strategy, architecture, and roadmap using 4 distinct perspectives and areas of expertise— business value, product design, systems engineering, and data science


Modern Agile Practice

Rapid development using 2-week sprint cycles, optimal platform choices, micro-services and container architecture, CI/CD, and TDD. 


Robust software

Delivering reliable, scalable, and maintainable data-intensive applications, that tolerate hardware faults and human error, perform well at significant loads, and are easy to operate, understand, and extend. 

EXPERTISE - Engineering

We have deep engineering expertise across machine learning, data management, hardware engineering, and software engineering.

Machine Learning

Modern techniques & tools

State-of-the-art approach to machine learning, including ensemble methods, neural network architecture, and reinforcement learning.

Data Management

Enterprise data architecture

Managing data at increasing scale for data intensive applications with unique expertise in data architecture, a rapidly evolving commercial and open source vendor landscape, and agile data engineering practice.

Hardware engineering

From end to end of the internet of things

Encompassing physical assets, sensors, electronics, edge computing, telemetry, and signal processing, and the unique trade-offs among system components, e.g. edge vs cloud and power vs connectivity.

Software Engineering

From systems to front-end

Spanning architecture to delivery of systems and front-end software


Life sciences

Our team has experience working with Fortune 1000 and high-growth companies across multiple industries:

Health IT
Digital Health
Medical Device
Consumer Electronics
Oil & Gas
Enterprise Software


Learn more about a few client engagements: